Mayor Carolyn Goodman

I first met the now mayor Carolyn Goodman when I was four years old. I have to say that it is a pleasure and an honor to know her ...all these years later. I wish I could say how many years later, but my fingers refuse to type it. Happy birthday Mayor! <3


Integrating Communities

I was honored to write an article in Las Vegas Woman about giving during the holiday season. I have to admit that between the fifteen courses I took this year, work, traveling for work and my dogs I have not kept up with my own blogs. I may be writing another article for Las Vegas Woman on a topic that I think is as important as it is fascinating. This blog however is about how to influence others in the Las Vegas community. Las Vegas is kind of a big small city where almost anything is possible. There is so much to do here, and it seems like new activities are constantly being brought to this awesome city. We are literally surrounded by nature, and we also have a thriving city with more job opportunities than many other large cities. Different sub communities are often intertwined in Las Vegas because the hub of the city seems to be the strip. The question I pose, just for thought, how do we influence each other? As for myself, I am going to brainstorm about different ways to integrate various sub communities here in Las Vegas, because after all, communities are the heart of a city.


Better Body Butter Recipe =D

1/2 cup of shea butter

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1/2 cup of mango butter

1/2 cup light almond oil

10 drops of peppermint essential oil

20 drops of lavender essential oil

A few drops of vitamin E oil


1. Boil an inch or so of water in a pan.

2. Find a glass jar or bowl and put all ingredients in except essential oils and vitamin E

3. Place the glass bowl or jar into the pan

4. Heat over medium heat, constantly stirring until all ingredients are melted.

5. Remove the glass bowl or jar from heat and place on a trivet. 

6. After it cools put it into refrigerator for about an hour.

7. Remove from refrigerator and add essential oils and vitamin e oil 

8. Whip with a hand mixer on medium for about 10 mins. 

9. Place the glass back into the refrigerator to set for about 15 mins. 

10. Transfer the better body butter into whatever glass container you will be storing it in. Make sure you keep it tightly sealed!


A little bit goes a long way to soft luxurious skin! Wellness mama has countless fantastic, healthy and easy recipes just like this. 


I am really sad that the photo did not upload! Anyway, if you do not know about then you need to find out. It is a website that basically teaches you how to life a healthier, safer, cleaner and cheaper life! I take recipes off of the website all the time, and today I used the lotion bar recipe. There are subtle variations that you can make according to your own preferences. Like anything else, you should always make the smallest batch possible the first few times around so you can adjust the recipe to something that suits you best. I tend to have very dry skin, so I like heavy lotions. If you live in a humid environment you might not like this recipe so much. I will be making a light spray moisturizer soon too (I’ll let you know how that goes). Another great thing about homemade products is that they make great gifts. They are affordable, and you can also make large batches to make many gifts. You can personalize these bars by using just about any mold you can find.


This is the recipe I used was inspired by

1 part coconut oil

1 part mixture of mango butter and shea butter (1 part total between the two)

1 part beeswax

0.5 tbsp of vitamin E oil (to preserve)

40 drops of lavender essential oil


This really could not be easier.


First add all ingredients except essential oils into a glass container (mason jar)

Place in a saucepan with 1 inch of boiling water

(or use double boiler)

Keep stirring until all ingredients are melted

            (beeswax takes the longest to melt)

Remove from heat

Quickly add essential oils

Stir very well

Pour into molds

Leave into molds until they are completely solid

Wrap in saran wrap

            (or get creative)


Hints: For a more solid bar you may use more beeswax. You can use many different types of oils. If you choose to use less solid butters in favor of oils (almond), then increase beeswax. There is almost no limit to how many different combinations and varying ingredients you can use. I chose lavender for soothing qualities, but use whatever oils appeal to you. This mixture should last approximately six months. You can try pouring into an empty deodorant container for easier application. You can add other elements that turn your bar into bug repellant, sunscreen, rash prevention, bronzing bars and more. You may or may not like the scent of the oils and butters, and the essential oils may not cover it. You have to experiment to find a recipe you like. Beeswax pastilles are much much much easier to use than most form of beeswax because they melt fastest and are easier to measure. 


Some Info on My Latest Infomercial!

You may know by now that I am the spokesperson for Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. I think it is the most incredible charity, so I am honored to be a part of it. I am a fan of just about every charity (or any person for that matter) that helps animals. Each of us only has so much time, energy and money to donate, so we often have to focus our attention on one charity. I chose Heaven Can Wait because their main goal is to spay and neuter, which makes them more effective in the long run. We recently filmed an infomercial at the Terry Fator Theater in the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. We hope the infomercial will help to raise awareness about the importance of spay and neuter programs. We were blessed to have special guest Jan Rouven join us on the infomercial. He just happened to win the best magician category in the Best of Las Vegas poll this year (i.e. he is a big deal). Thanks for reading this and maybe you will get to see the infomercial when you are flipping through the channels while eating bon bons at two in the morning. =)


A Night of Surprises...

As you may know I am a part of the Terry Fator Show. Well, his birthday was June 10 and it just so happened to be a show night. The “team” decided to surprise him during the show, but you would never guess with what. Rather than having a girl jump out of the cake we went the other route and had Miss USA present him with a cake. Why am I talking about it? Because I got to surprise him with Miss USA AND the cake! I think I deserve a raise. Not only that…but all 51 contestants competing for Miss USA 2013 attended the show. Afterwards we got to meet every single one of them and take some pics. Of course I scouted all 51 gorgeous girls to find Miss Hawaii. I got my pic with her and I got to talk to her for a little while. Wow! Not only is she beautiful, but she is a triple threat. She is a star student, star athlete and reigning Miss Hawaii. There is no better way to represent Hawaii…actually there is…she dances hula too! What an honor to get to meet all these girls!


The Best Kept Beauty Secret...

No really. I have just realized the same product that is impeccable at removing waterproof eyeliner, moisturizers your hair, reduces stretch marks, has a natural SPF quality and has about 97 other potential benefits. Coconut oil. Yes, the same coconut oil that has kept Polynesians gorgeous and healthy for a couple hundred years. Why did it take everyone else so long to catch on? Probably because it is so beautifully simple and affordable that companies do not want it to catch on. Another thing I love about it is that I can cut down on the number of bottles I have to take on trips. Anything to spend less time in security checkpoints is a plus to me. Anyway, you can use it on the tips of your hair for split ends, or for intense hydration, you can leave it on overnight.



Watch out Megan fox! Nah nah, I kidd I kidd. I have been taking acting classes! I am happy to say I am having a blast! It is so much fun to open up and play different parts. I have discovered I have a unique talent. Apparently I have an incredible talent at acting as if I have discovered a dead body! Seriously! I was reading various roles including the role of a hiker than found a body. I was required to give three varying reactions (who would have thought there are varying reactions to finding a body). It probably helped that at least five nights a week on stage I scream in horror when I uncover "Winston the impersonating phantom." So, maybe not Megan Fox but Rosie Huntington-Whitley needs to watch out!


I have reached my goal weight!

I have reached my goal weight!

Well, to be honest, it’s not quiet as exciting as that. I am not a huge fan of scales and I don’t exactly have a "goal weight." However, before my thyroid started acting up I was EXACTLY the same weight for years. Then I gained 13 pounds when my thyroid slowed down. When I started taking thyroid medicine I did lose three pounds right off the bat...but the rest was not coming off. I spent the next three years experimenting with various exercise regimens and earning a Bachelor in Nutrition Science to learn more about my situation. I did suffer a family tragedy and lost ten pounds from the stress, but hot yoga and Pilates has helped me to lose 4 more pounds. I started hot yoga and Pilates 4 months ago and was actually able to lose my excess weight, plus two pounds.

Honestly I would be completely fine if I looked like Jessica Biel but was 10 pounds heavier (from muscle gain). So from here, I wont be weighing myself for a couple of months, but I will keep my routine of about 4 hot classes a week along with avoiding fast food and greasy food. Then, when I feel comfortable, I will measure my waist. I think losing weight slow and steady by exercising and eating well is the healthiest way for me to lose weight. I am just happy to be on the right track!


Today I filmed a video for Konica Minolta! I interviewed various people at the event explaining why they should go to the expo and what they could find there. It was a lot of fun! I love hosting gigs even more than modeling! If I get the video I will post it for you to see. In the meantime I did another shoot with Kim Taylor Reece! It went even better than the first shoot. I am SO excited about those pics. Also, I met with a potential client that I would absolutely love to work with, but I won’t tell you who until (or unless) the job comes through.

Also, I have four new photos in my fashion section! Go check it out! =)