Makakonan The Barbarian Here I was wondering what my next blog should be about and then I checked my email. A friend sent me a picture taken of me dancing hula on stage and my reaction to the picture was a combination of shock and horror! My biceps in this picture are ginormous! I have been doing hot yoga and Pilates religiously for the past few months and my body is transforming. I was not toned but thin before my new workouts, but now I am seeing muscles on myself that I have never seen before! I know it is better to have muscle than fat, but this new look is going to take some time to adjust to! Of course I am going to continue hot yoga and Pilates because I feel so great after class. Anyway, in a couple of weeks I should be featured in a national magazine (I still won't say which yet) and I have also shot with the incomparable Kim Taylor Reece. These two shoots are two checks off my bucket list! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!